2018 Art Goals Part 1

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Hello foxy folks,

Finally the first 2018 related post,

I have a lot to juggle this year, and the last 3 months of 2017 was merely a taste of what lies ahead, I will try to make time for my illustration. So I have come up with some goals I would like to achieve this year that will help me develop as an illustrator. Basically my goals have 3 categories: Art-, Self- and Job-centric. This isn’t to say they can’t overlap, because they definitely do. And all of these goals are generally things I try to achieve on a daily basis:

Draw more

I have a few strategies up my sleeves to get myself to draw more this year (Another blog post worth of strategies I reckon ;P). This is, afterall, the key to improvement. After I started a 9-5 job last year I have been struggling to spend time on really being a creator outside of work. This caused me real worry, which is a sign to me that I need to keep at it. I started to listen to relevant illustration/creative podcasts and audio books during my 2hours worth of commuting every day, but that didn’t take away the exhaustion I felt when I got home every evening. So this year I will make a point to at least draw a bit in the mornings, because I know I’ll have some energy after I wake up or after I did some excercise. At least then, if I get home and all I want to do is let my head have a lovely long date with my pillow I can rest assured that I did get some drawing in for the day; not all hope is lost.

learn more

About myself, about other people, about the world etc. I’ve had such a learning curve in the last few years of my life, here’s to having many more! I mean, having a learning curve is tough, don’t get me wrong. But don’t you just feel like you’ve grown so much after you’ve had one? And feeling like you have accomplished a lot on top of that. The sense of achievement one feels just lights up the path with further motivation and I love this feeling. Sometimes you learn things because life throws some obstacles your way and sometimes you learn things because you put yourself into situations that demand you to go through a learning curve of some sort. I hope to put myself in situations like this more often, especially situations that demand I learn more about illustration and storytelling. This forms part of why I decided to start a blog. The first few posts will definitely not be perfect, and I’m mostly write intuitively before I revise. But I figured if I don’t post something, chances are I never will and then I will never improve. Posting my writing online is a way to encourage myself to write more even if it doesn’t get a lot of readers. I hope to improve my writing skills if not anything else through doing this.

Work Hard

I have learned quite a lot at my new work place, from my colleagues and the tasks I was assigned during my first 3 months. Hopefully, and I feel confident that, I will learn a lot more in the coming months. Apart from working hard at my day job, I really want to work hard on my relationships this year and my illustration work. I have been changing a lot of ways I used to have (ways that I am ashamed of having even had, and I will write a post about this in the future when I feel more comfortable sharing my intimate self to you, my reader) which I was never really fully aware of the impact these ways had on my life and my relationships with the people close to me. Here’s to becoming a better human being!

Here’s a relatable comic..

In order to keep my posts from not becoming too lengthy I have decided to make a series with this theme, as I have a lot more I’d like to write in terms of reaching my goals and cultivating goal-oriented habits and how these things have changed for me over the years. So stay tuned for future posts!

That being said, I would love to hear about your goals and what sort of things you want to achieve in the coming months. Please share with a comment below! 🙂

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